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African Blackwood Practice Chanter Walking Stick

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Brand: Sinclair

Hand turned African Blackwood Practice Chanter Walking Stick, although other early makers have variations of Practice Chanter Walking Sticks, the initial concept for this particular version was through a dream that Grandad 'Willie' Sinclair (3rd Generation) had one night. He then developed the concept from the dream in the workshop at Madeira Street. The black and white image is an early example made by 'Willie' Sinclair for the

In the blue background photograph -- Various finished turning styles of the 'Thistle Top' and reed box section were made by Allistair (Dad) when he turned the ones photographed. In each case, the design is very much the woodturners own creative interpretation regarding the different finished styles.

The quoted price above is a guide, using brass fittings and/ or the inclusion of Sterling Silver will increase the retail cost.

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